☆HAPPY BAG 2014☆5 Items + something extra!


It was full of x'mas mood till yesterday but now x'mas is over and time to get ready for 2014!!

We would like to inform you that our HAPPY BAG 2014 is now on sale☆
A key word for HAPPY BAG 2014 is 'feather'.

For more details, click the link below!!

Thank you very much for your continuous support for this year and we wish you all the best for New Year.


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Happy X'mas 2013 from BOSSA NOVA

It's almost December and now our x'mas catalog is ready!
There are lots of new items that are perfect for x'mas season<3

Please have a look at our x'mas catalog!


FLASHversion(Japanese): http://bit.ly/18aKeUL

PC: https://secure253b.sakura.ne.jp/bossanova-web.com/english/webshop/item/2013xmas.html


Please let us hear what you thought about 2013 Christmas BOSSA NOVA catalog!!

!!!!You will get 20 points if you answer the questionnaire!!!!

The questionnaire is here.
You need to register to BOSSA NOVA web membership to get the 20 points.

To register BOSSA NOVA web membership is from here.


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OMOTENASHI project Vol.2 recommend restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown Vol.6 "Secret place"

I would like to introduce secret place in Yokohama and also out of Yokoahama today.

WINDJAMMER is very old and antique looking jazz bar.
They serve amazing snacks.

AMAZON CLUBis a very misterious place where there is huge fish tank with huge tropical fish....
Enjoy very stylish, unique and oriental atmosphere of the place.

SECRET DINING is a Italian dining bar.
My favourite drink is sangria and also they serve amazing pizza, past and more....!!

Please visit BOSSA NOVA Harajuku!


This is the last time to introduce our recommed places!
Thanks for reading them!

May be I'll see you again sometimes!;)
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