HI guys! How have you been??
I know, I was vanished again.....

Because......it was raining these days....lol
I don't work at all when it's rain, it's annoying
(kiding, I was just busy ;P)

Meanwhile, some new friends came to our website!
Did you already see them and say hi to them?? friends from Wonderland!


WEB http://bit.ly/1JC6jmh
(sorry, I'm still working on this English page...please wait)

What is it!?!?!?!? wonderland? wonder land?
You can fly, you can fly, you can fly? lol
Is there a talking rabbit? a hatter who is mad??

Those are actually interior decorations
So special and very impressive
Each item will inspire you a lot, I bet you

So far, this wonderland project is right now proceeding
You can only see the real size colorful horse
(his name is John T, I'm his godmother though)

Alright then, see you next week, have a nice one!
I'm thinking about going to do hot-yoga!
(need to lose some weight for the real summer)


We are welcome to accept your orders whenever you want!
Any query let us know freely;)

E-MAIL: info@bossanova-web.com
TEL: 045-478-3108

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