Ushinohi day

Hello, this is Yuya★ (ノω`)

Today is the Day of the Ox
did you eat the eel already?
I'm not good at eating th eel because of the plenty of the bones!!

I prefer to eat a bowl of rice with only that tasty sauce!!


The recommended item of today is here,,,

\New collection SPARTA/

There are three types I'd like to introduce you today!
There are he type of simple, different combination of material, and curving.

the very left one!
simple design.
The concho is the accent of this wallet!
the concho is avalable to purchase from variety of type also^^ノ
【WL11-004X/A 12,000yen】


「different material combination」
the one in the middle!
this wallet is using the stingray leather!!
The stingray is in a cross shape.
and there is a brass made material on the cross.

【WL11-012X/D 11,000yen】


the right one!
the curving design all over the wallet!!
there are many ways to put the curvingー(ノω`)♪

【WL11-042X/G 16,000yen】


Please check out oue SPARTA collection(ノω`)ノ+*+*

see you next week(ノω`)ノシ

Please send us inquiries regarding the size or the stone color
!(*^ - ^*)┐┐↓☆
E-mail : info@bossanova
MOBILE :http://www.bossanova-web.com/mobile/index.html
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SHOP & WEB event

Did you know that there are 5 weekends for this year's August?
This is such a lucky thing for everyone!!!! (´∀`)v

We thought about some interesting event we can do as BOSSA NOVA staff~

And here is an exciting event we will do, and
We made this “can-badge"!!!


There are two designs

We will present this for the purchasers on the weekends.

There is only a few of this can-badge, so please hurry!!!!

This can-badge can be put on your tote bag, cap, pouch, and so on ☆☆☆

Let's get our original can-badge and enjoy the summer!

The last event will start from 29 to 31 on August, 2014.

Please don't miss our weekends event~

Present original can-badge
for the purchase of 5,000yen or more
Weekly total 24 can-badges (Shop 16pcs / Web8pcs)
Monthly total 120 can-badge first come first served
***Event dates***
the event dates detail shows in below.
August weekend event (Fri) ~ (Sun)
The first time 8/1 - 3
The second time 8/8 – 8/10
The third time 8/15 - 17
The fourth time 8/22 - 24
The fifth time 8/29 - 31

***Important notice***
- The present is available only during the event
- In the case of point use, the amount of using point won't be counted to the total amount.
- We are unavailable to give the can-badge for the purchaser of only maintenance item.
- One can-badge for one order.
- The design cannot be selected by customer.
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The leaf day


Hello, this is Boris(・×・)

Today is a leaf day.
(7(na)2(ttsu)8(pa)playing on words!!)

nappa cabbage..


let's prevent the sickness from this hottness by eating these green leavesー

The recommended item of today is this white skll short wallet♪
The skull face from the side gives a wild impression to this wallet.
The stingray leather which is said to be the sea treasure is used for the part of the skull.

Please check them out!!


price 15,000yen
item no WL11-065X/B



Please send us inquiries regarding the size or the stone color
!(*^ - ^*)┐┐↓☆
E-mail : info@bossanova
MOBILE :http://www.bossanova-web.com/mobile/index.html

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